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Although there’s no place quite like home, once in a while it’s great to venture off to another place to experience something different.  You know, something you can’t experience, or something that’s unavailable back home.  So although we have a great selection of craft beer from around the world here in Vancouver BC, sometimes it’s great to venture off to another place to experience something different.  And what better place is there to go to for the best selection of craft beer, than the United States of America?

Beer nerds in Vancouver have been known to travel all the way to Seattle or even Portland, just to get their hands on some of the world-renowned beers that are unavailable back home.  Well, life just got a lot easier and a whole lot better for you savvy travelers, because you can now find everything you want in Bellingham!  That’s right.  In less than an hour after the border, you can find all the craft beer goodness at Elizabeth Station.

Elizabeth Station is a great beer and wine specialty shop located on 1400 W Holly St, Bellingham, WA.  They just opened recently on March 7, 2012, and it’s the best thing to ever happen in the Bellingham area. Ever!  Unless there was a magical time where money would grow on trees and Saisons would rain from the sky every afternoon, Elizabeth Station is the best thing that’s ever happened to Bellingham.  Apparently the owner used to live in Portland, and decided to open up a place similar to Belmont Station.

Elizabeth Station has about 8 or 9 fridges jam-packed with some of the best beers from around the world.  They have a great selection of local Washington craft beers, Portland, California, all the way to beers from England, Germany, Belgium, and Japan.  Actually, they even carry a few beers from BC.  They also have a bunch of beers on the shelves too, so make sure you walk the whole store before you make your way to the counter.


Elizabeth Station has a bunch of bottled goods, but this is the difference between Vancouver and the States:  As you enter Elizabeth Station, on your left is where you’ll find all the bottled goods, but the fun does not end there.  To your right is the bar where they have about 5 beers on tap!  That’s right!  You can purchase a pint of beer, then drink it while you shop around!  Or you can just sit down and enjoy your beer.  Isn’t that great?  Don’t you wish it could be like that here in Vancouver?  Well, keep dreaming because the government will just say “you can’t pour any more than a inch of beer in a liquor store, because people will get drunk and there’ll be fights in the store, then it will lead to a riot in the city, which will lead to forest fires, and it’ll all be caught on the news around the world, and we’ll look like the biggest jerks, and it’ll be the Stanley Cup riot all over again.”

We have a lot of great beer and wine stores in Vancouver that carry a great selection of beers, and you should be supporting them 100%.  We at Beerthirst also bring in a lot of great beers as well.  However, every now and then, we recommend you take a little drive over the border, and pick up some bottles by Lost Abbey, Cascade, Hair of the Dog, and so on at Elizabeth Station.  If you can’t get a hold of us, chances are, we’re at Elizabeth Station shopping around for some craft beer as well.

Elizabeth Station is open from 7am to 12 am, and they also have a great selection of glassware for only $6.  They don’t have a website apparently, but you should “Like” them on Facebook.

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