Resignation Brewery’s KCCO Beer is Coming to BC!!

Beerthirst October 15, 2015 Comments Off on Resignation Brewery’s KCCO Beer is Coming to BC!!


Resignation Brewery is teaming up with Beerthirst to distribute it’s highly sought after beers in Canada. In mid-July 2015 the expansion brought Resignation’s KCCO Black Lager and Gold Lager to Alberta, where the launch party sold 500 tickets in 20 minutes.

After just one year of operation, Resignation Brewery rose to 86th biggest brewery in the US. In less than two years their brews were available US wide and now after some two and half years are welcomed to Canada. Created by the founders of the digital lifestyle brand, theCHIVE, they aim to unite friends over a great tasting and accessible beer.

“Finally the wait it is over!” says Andrew Platt, Beerthirst’s Marketing Manager. “For years Canadian fans of theChive have had to cross the border to get a taste of their favorite KCCO (Keep Calm Chive On) beer. Soon all they will have to do is walk to their local liquor store!”

The launch is going to be epic! Stay tuned for more!

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