One of Canada’s Leading US Craft Beer Importers


Beerthirst is a craft beer agency dedicated to representing influential craft beer brands that excite and impact the consumer.

For over 10 years, Beerthirst has prided itself with the ability to grow craft beer brands across Canada.  Our ability to stand apart can be largely attributed to having established long term partnerships with brands and sharing many of the same principles and values. 







Our Story 

Beerthirst started out as a home-based hobby business back in 2006. It was the brainchild of two friends whose travels and residency in the United States had ignited a passion for American craft beer. After years abroad, the two returned home to Canada only to find a market almost completely void of craft beer with only a handful of local and macro breweries dominating draught lines and shelves. As the craft beer community in British Columbia began to pick up pace, so too did Beerthirst. So much so that in 2008, both partners chose to forego their careers and make Beerthirst their full-time job. 

Since then, Beerthirst has gone on to set itself apart from its competitors in terms of quality standards, sales growth and expansion. What started off as two friends selling beer in their spare time has flourished into one of Canada’s leading US craft beer importers.